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Free Firmwave Version 2.0 Update for Launchpad Mini and Launchpad X


Novation today announced a firmware update for their Launchpad Mini and Launchpad X. This update brings more customization options to Launchpad owners, allowing them to explore new ideas and produce music with greater ease.


Firmware version 2.0 introduces the Custom Mode keystroke widget. Launchpad owners can “keep creativity flowing” while making music by assigning essential DAW shortcuts using Novation’s Components software for a faster, more intuitive workflow and endless creative options.


On the Launchpad X, the firmware update brings an additional four Custom Mode slots for a total of eight slots.


In addition, the Launchpad Mini and X firmware version 2.0 is compatible with Launchpad Mini [MK3] Launchpad X [MK3].


Launchpad Mini and X owners can download the free firmware update from Novation Components.


Information about the full Launchpad range is available on the Novation website.



SSL releases X-Gate Plug-in, Precise and Intuitive.


SSL has added another plugin to its burgeoning Complete subscription bundle, the X-Gate. An X-rated gating plugin that is designed to be precise and intuitive.


The X-Gate other features include variable lookahead times and the promise of zero additional latency at the lowest setting, making X-Gate suitable for tracking when you need to avoid mic bleed.


Shape your gate on a visual interface


Additionally, you can use the plugin in Expander mode when you need transparent gating, or Duck mode when you want to attenuate a signal when it reaches a certain threshold. Try it in combination with your DAW’s sidechain function for ‘intelligent’ ducking.


“Fast, snappy and precise, X-Gate is guaranteed to be your new workhorse plug-in for shaping drums and other instruments, adding punch to your mixes, and transparently fixing ghost notes, noise or room bleed,” says Jonathan Sandman, Plug-ins Product Manager at SSL.


X-Gate runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats. As well as being included in the SSL Complete subscription ($15/month).  You can also buy it on its own for the introductory price of $89, regular price $129 starting 28 July.


Find out more on the SSL website.


K-Devices’ Launches Tatat MIDI plugin


K-Devices’ Tatat MIDI previously available as a Max For Live Device. Tatat MIDI note generator is now being offered as a plugin for any VST/AU-compatible DAW.


Designed to create both melodic and rhythmic material, Tatat could be a great idea starter or used as the basis for a live jam that you can play over (you might like to use it to control your hardware synths).




This is done with a series of dials and sliders. You can set the timing for multiple rhythms, specify the notes to be used, and decide how likely it is that two-note bichords (using specified intervals) are played. Additionally, have control over note velocity, pattern delay and length, and the likelihood that all of these settings will take effect.



In addition, you can set Tatat up to produce a never-ending, ever-changing stream of notes, but you can also ‘freeze’ a pattern by using the LIV/MEM slider and then mix between this and the live generated stream. Patterns can be exported and dragged into your DAW.



Tatat is available now on PC and Mac for the launch price of €19, rising to €39 after 30 July.


Find out more on the K-Devices website.