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Nord Stage 2 Keyboard

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Nord’s fans would love this brand new flagship instrument line. The new Nord Stage 2 series incorporates Nord’s latest organ, piano and synthesizer technologies. The Stage 2 models includes Nord Stage 2 HA88; a 88 – note, Nord Stage 2 HA76; a 76 – note, and both model feature new fully weighted Hammer Action keyboard and Nord Stage 2 SW73 features a 73-note Semi Weighted Waterfall keyboard, Effects; Effect 1 – Ring Modulator, Tremolo, Pan, Wah, AutoWah 1, Autowah 2 , Effect 2 –  Phaser 2 types,  Chorus 2 types, Flanger and Vibe, EQ, Delay and Reverb, 400 programs, LED, Master clock, Modulation wheel.

The Nord Stage 2 series have similar features apart from the keyboard. Part of what sets the Stage 2 apart from typical performance-oriented keyboards is the impeccable attention to detail in its extensive collection of sounds, keybed and control. Armed with twice the program memory of its predecessor, the widely popular Stage EX, the Stage 2 has the bandwidth to include subtitles such as string resonance, dynamic pedal noise and new Piano Release function, and is compatible with the new Nord v5 Piano library, maximizing the range of available sounds. The all-new Piano Release function once activated, you will get a slightly longer release more suitable for legato playing. This important feature reflects adjusting the damper tension in an acoustic or an electromechanical instrument. Likewise, the new Gen 3 organ is simply astonishing! The Stage 2 also features 380MB of on-board sample memory and with the Sample Manager users can also create their own bespoke sound setups, adding endless depth to its synth sound section. The Synth section also features a new powerful arpeggiator that can be easily synced to the Stage 2’s Master Clock for perfect timing with other elements of the Stage 2, including its effect. On top of all of these the Nord  Stage 2 also features an even more extensive effects section than ever before.

Additionally, the Stage 2 control panel and user interface have been designed to give immediate access to all of the key functions, and users are able to quickly and easily see exactly what they have selected. All vital functions are controlled by dedicated single-function knobs – dedicated piano, organ and synthesizer sections and new Live Mode buttons. And when you feel the texture and response of the new custom-designed keybed, you will have no doubt that this keyboard is made for professional keyboardist. If you are looking for the ultimate live keyboard, you are going to love the user-friendly Nord Stage 2, an instrument that offers huge expandability.

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Roland ATELIER Combo AT-350C Organ

Roland’s new, robust and stylish travel-friendly Atelier Combo AT-350C organ incorporates an abundances of features and sounds, and takes the instrument to a new level of realism. The Atelier Combo AT-350C Organ features 49-key upper and 64-key lower dual-manual keyboard, D Beam, harmonic bars, Max. 128 voices Polyphony, SuperNATURAL Technology, authentic vintage organ sounds powered by Virtual Tone Wheel Technology, 243 Voices including , trumpet, violin, flamenco guitar, acoustic guitar, grand piano and many more powered by SuperNATURAL sound engine.

How cool is ATELIER Combo? The Roland Atelier Combo AT-350C is akin to a stage-ready dual-manual keyboard. Player will be able to enjoy the realistic organ playing experience and create dynamic, professional organ performances, thanks to Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound engine which powered a multitude of high-quality stringed instrument voices and accompaniment styles, and Virtual Tone Wheel Technology with its authentic vintage organ sounds, and the full harmonic bars, all under the fingertips. Whereas, the invisible D Beam controller will takes player’s playing experience into the future. Additionally, player can even add play back MIDI or audio files to enhance his performances. The Atelier Combo also enables player to save his performance as audio data for ease of transfer to a CD.

With a combination of old school and new school, this boundary-breaking instrument sets a new standard in live-performance versatility and borderless musical expression for all ages and musical preferences. Weight merely 24.5 kg, the portable, sleek, robust and user-friendly digital organ is ideal for the performing musician.

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