Casio launches New Casiotone portable keyboards targeting all daily music makers

Casio today introduced new Casiotone models. All the new models bearing the classic marque- Casiotone.


There are 3 new models, starting the flagship Casiotone CT-S1. This offers 61 piano-style keys, built-in speakers and a simple control panel, and is available in white, black and red.


Casio AiX Sound Source is responsible for tone generation; 61 sounds are included, covering both acoustic and vintage instrumental bases. There are also 12 Casio Classic Tone presets that have been plucked from Casio’s back catalogue of digital keyboards.


Next, the Casiotone CT-S400, which offers a massive 600 tones and 200 rhythms. This one has a screen and jog wheel which can enable to make operation easier.


Lastly, the beginner-friendly LK-S450, which features light-up keys that should assist you learn to play. We are informed that it offers up to 200 preloaded songs in a variety of genres.


All three portable keyboards can connect to mobile and other computing devices via the Bluetooth adapter, and can sync to the Chordana Play learning app. which will enable players to change the tempo or key of songs being played, in addition to displaying music scores and piano roll.


The Casiotone CT-S1 , CT-S400 and LK-S450 will be available for pre-order on April 14,  The keyboard is expected to be available in stores in late May 2021.  For more information visit the Casio website.


Dirtywave M8 could be your next best super-stylish portable tracker


The Dirtywave M8 is a handheld tracker that is powered by the Teensy microcontroller and takes its inspiration from Gameboy tracker Little Sound DJ. The Portable music-making device offers multiple synth engines, sampling and MIDI Out.


The M8 offers eight monophonic tracks/voices, each of which can be used for one of the built-in synthesis engines or to trigger external MIDI hardware. Internal sound generation comes via waveform, FM and virtual analogue synthesis, and there is also a sampler. Effects include global reverb, chorus and delay, along with a master bus limiter.


The interface comprises an IPS TFT capacitive touchscreen and some mechanical keyswitches. There are stereo speakers onboard. Connectivity options include MIDI/audio I/O and USB.


The M8 can store 255 patterns/phrases and chains, while the 256 instrument tables promise advanced modulation. You can use up to 128 instruments per song, and there is both a song arranger and a live mode.


Storage is via SD card, and the 1200mAh USB rechargeable battery promises up to six hours of use.


The Dirtywave M8 portable tracker is available for pre-order now, priced at $450. Shipping starts in July 2021.



Analogue Solutions unveils LEIPZIG V3


Analogue Solutions has unveiled Leipzig V3 all-analogue synth, the latest addition to its acclaimed line of analogue synths.


The Leipzig sound in a convenient form factor. If users are looking for the elevator pitch, then users should be aware that this combines the convenient footprint of Analogue Solutions Impulse Command with the raw, ballsy, complexly rich sound or Leipzig’s gone by. Specifically, there are features lifted from both the Leipzig-SK and Leipzig V2, including patch points that enable expanded sound design potential and connectivity.


The Leipzig V3 is specifically designed for huge bass sounds, and promises to be simple enough for beginners yet deep enough for more advanced synthesists to get their sonic teeth into.


Listen to the sound demo video above. Perhaps, by listening to it would be the best solution to experience the synth.


The Leipzig V3 is available now, costs £849. Find out more on the Analogue Solutions website.