Moog Little Phatty STAGE II



Moog Music unveiled its new innovation , the Little Phatty Stage II, the latest addition of the analog synthesizer to the Little Phatty family. The Little Phatty Stage II like its predecessor Tribute Edition’s analog synthesis engine, are the brain-child of Bob Moog. Without compromising on sound quality the Little Phatty Stage II puts the performer in control of a 100 per cent true analog signal path with Real Analog Control (RACTM), two ultra stable Voltage Controlled Filter, one Voltage Controlled Oscillators, external audio input, CV inputs, KB gate inputs and a full MIDI controller.

The Stage II new features includes 37 note keyboard with up/down 2 octave transpose, new batch of editable presets, direct interface with the analog circuitry via knobs on the control panel with no digital latency, and weight approximately 22 lbs.

The Little Phatty Stage II is designed for contemporary musicians. The striking design makes it one of the coolest looking analog synthesizer among the rest. [ad#co-17]