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Korg i3 Music Workstation Keyboard

Have an Eye for the i3 !

Korg’s new i3 music workstation features 61 full-size keys with a velocity-sensitive keybed, EQ, sequencer, song storage and contains over 800 instrument sounds – known as Sound Set – including a complete GM2 library for General MIDI compatibility, and are powered by a PCM engine that delivers 64 voices of polyphony, and there are two stereo effect processors.

The operation of the i3 distinguishes between the Sound Set and the Style Performance Sets. The Style Performance Sets contain sounds and parts that can be used to create a backing track for your playing and it is flexible. Each backing track can contain up to eight parts and you can mix and match from different Style Performance Sets to create custom arrangements. In addition, each of the 270 Styles also contains rhythmic variations and you can add effects. Once you have recorded a song or performance that you are satisfy with, all settings can be saved to a single Set List location, and the i3’s sequencer can also function as a linear 16-track recorder.

Once completed, finished projects can be saved as MIDI files or bounced down to audio for export. The sequencer can play back WAV and MP3 files, as well. And two USB ports are provided to save data to a flash drive or connect to a computer. The Korg i3 can also be powered by batteries.

The workstation keyboard is designed for musicians and composers to bring their ideas to life swiftly and expressively.

The Korg i3 comes in black and silver finishes and is now available.

Korg i3 61 Key Music Workstation

Korg SV-2 Stage Piano

Korg SV-2 Stage Vintage 88-Key Piano

Korg SV-2S 88-Key Stage Vintage Piano


Amazing, more Features and Sounds!

The Korg SV-2 stage piano seemed to be one of the hits at the NAMM event. The SV-2 is the successor of Korg SV-1 which was launched a decade ago.

The SV-2 comes with more than 10 times the sample data of the SV-1, driving more new piano and high quality keyboard sounds – total 72 sounds. Favourites can be stored in 64 memory locations for instant access.

The SV-2 Editor software allows you to create split and layered programs, and there are now 128 note polyphony. In addition to the high-quality and wide range of classic keyboard instruments-including a version of Korg M1 piano and you will find organs, strings, mallets, brass, choirs, guitars and basses.

The Korg SV-2 versions also feature Korg’s RH3 graded-hammer action keyboard, and includes effects like a 3-band EQ, amp models, various pre-FX, modulation FX, reverb/delay and a limiter. Additionally, there are many MIDI and audio connectivity available. However, there is a second version of the SV-2, known as the SV-2S. The Korg SV-2S version has a built-in K-ARRAY speaker system. As such, the SV-2S could be considered as an alternative to a traditional home digital piano.

The Korg SV-2 and SV-2S will be available in 73– and 88-note formats.

Roland A-88MKII MIDI Keyboard Controller

Roland A-88MKII 88-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller


The Roland A-88MKII MIDI keyboard is the first keyboard controller, and Roland is also one of the first companies to announce the MIDI 2.0 ready instrument – A-88MKII MIDI keyboard controller.

The 88-note premium keyboard comes with Ivory Feel PHA-4 keyboard, and a rigid, wooden component. The instrument also features high-resolution sensing – ‘lightning-fast response’ and performer has the option to personalise the sensitivity according to taste and touch, and to split the keyboard into three user-definable zones, each of which can be used to play a different sound or instrument. Additionally, there are also layering options, along with an arpeggiator.

The instrument has three user-definable zones, a pitch / mod lever, RGB-lit knobs and eight multipurpose pads that can be customized to trigger commands and events. There is also a USB-C connectivity, which according to Roland is necessary to eliminate the need for a power supply, and assures that the Roland A-88MKII is ready to take full advantage of all the high-resolution control and extended capabilities that MIDI 2.0 has to offer. “MIDI 2.0 is just more MIDI,” says the association.

Look out for it, it is available now.

Arturia KeyStep Pro MIDI Keyboard

Arturia KeyStep Pro Controller & Sequencer



The MIDI keyboard could be your new studio hub!

The Arturia KeyStep Pro is the latest addition to Arturia’s controller range. The latest ‘KeyStep’ device pairs a 37-key controller with a four-track polyphonic sequence. This new controller combines elements of Arturia’s existing KeyStep and BeatStep Pro devices.

The KeyStep Pro features a 37-key MIDI keyboard with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch, equipped with a multitrack sequencer and multiple of I/O options. Additionally, there are pitch and mod touchstrips on the left of the keyboard for extra expression, and a sustain pedal input on the rear.

Inside, there are four polyphonic sequencer tracks onboard, allowing the KeyStep Pro to take control of multiple instruments at once. Each sequencer track can capture patterns of up-to 64 steps. Onboard memory allows for 16 patterns to be saved to each of these tracks, which can then be chained together to create extended arrangements, and each track allows for a polyphony of up to 16 notes per-step. In addition, Track 1 can act as an integrated 16-part drum sequencer. On the analog side, the KeyStep Pro offers pitch, velocity/mod and gate outputs for each of its four tracks. There are also eight individual drum gate outputs, plus analogue clock in, out and reset out ports.

And in order to make the most of these capabilities, the Arturia KeyStep Pro also features two MIDI Outputs, plus a MIDI In, which are joined by a USB MIDI port for sequencing and controlling virtual instruments, and a metronome output with its own level control.

In short, the KeyStep Pro combines all the best elements of the BeatStep Pro and the KeyStep in one package. And yet it is still compact.

The Arturia KeyStep Pro is now available.

Korg RK-100S 2 Keytar


The Korg RK-100S is back and better than ever!

Korg gets their Keytar on with the updated RK-100S 2. Looking back, the Korg RK-100S was released in 2014 and was one of the best options – boasting a sleek design and powerful analogue modelled sound engine. Nevertheless, over the past few years Korg quietly discontinued its keytar line. Now it is back in the form of version 2.

The new RK-100S 2 features a 37-note ‘slim’ keyboard paired with two ribbon controllers for expressive modulation of parameters such as pitch and filter modulation. The wooden body design remains faithful to its original RK-100 keytar which was released in the mid-’80s.

Inside, sounds are powered by an analogue modelling engine, but Korg has expanded the number of patches onboard. Attention has also been paid to enhance the lead sounds, providing a selection of pro-grams that will “emanate powerful presence when soloing”.

In addition, there is also a vocoder, accessed via a minijack input, enabling users to connect a headset mic for some ultimate ’80s-style synth funk action. Additionally, the input can also be used to run external audio through the instrument, like play along with backing tracks.

The instrument also features MIDI output and USB ports for use as a controller for software setups or external sound modules. A free desktop editor application enables users tweak and organise sounds and adjust MIDI settings.

The Korg RK-100S 2 is battery powered, by six AA batteries with long operating life – a lifespan of up to eight hours of continuous operation. The RK-100S 2 comes complete with a strap and soft case.

Korg has yet to announce the available date and price.