Superbooth 2022 Dates Set, Along With New SooperGrail Festival




An annual trade show and festival for electronic musicians


Organizers of Superbooth have announced that Superbooth 2022 will be held May 12-14 at the FEZ in Berlin, Germany.


This year,  Superbooth 2021 was a scaled down edition because of pandemic realities, but the organizers tried to evolve the event to adapt to challenging conditions, making use of the grounds of the FEZ to set up outdoor tents and booths, decentralizing the event and allowing for increased social distancing.


They note:


“We tried to introduce a new concept of a trade fair combined with festival, which is more relaxed and spacious with all of its benefits and with strong focus on the quality of the experiences and encounters.


It was a very special edition this time, which was expected after this long break of more than 2 years, but probably the situation connected us even closer?!”


In addition to announcing dates for Superbooth 2022, organizers also announced that the inaugural SooperGrail, a new guitar-focused festival, will be held May 6-8, 2022, the week before Superbooth.




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KMI introduces QuNexus RED MPE Sequencer, Free Firmware Upgrade QuNexus Owners


Keith McMillen Instruments has introduced a new version of their QuNexus MPE controller that adds a three-track arpeggiator and step sequencer.


In addition to the new firmware, which is a complete overhaul in terms of functionality, the expressive controller maker has also updated the aesthetics and enclosure durability.


The new features will also be available to existing QuNexus owners as a firmware upgrade in October.


The new QuNexus RED is a 25-key MPE keyboard controller and three track Arpeggiator/Step Sequencer with USB, MIDI, and CV outputs. The keys detect velocity, polyphonic aftertouch, and per-key tilt. QuNexus RED also features a new ABS-Polycarbonate finish.


They shared two demo videos to introduce the new features. In the first video, above, the QuNexus RED is used to sequence a modular synthesizer.


In the video below, the QuNexus RED is used as an arpeggiator to control Synapse Obsession.



Check the KMI website for details.



The QuNexus RED is priced at $179. You can preorder QuNexus RED now, and will be shipping product to dealers on Oct 1st.




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The Godfather, New Eurorack Effects Processor

Video overview from Superbooth 2021,via Sonic State


The Godfather is designed to match the form factor of Moog’s Mother-32, DFAM & Subharmonicon.


Enjoy Electronics, creators of the Reminder effects processor, has announced a new multichannel audio processor, The Godfather, in Moog’s 60hp Eurorack form factor. It gives you four independent channels of mixing functions and effects, including panning, compression, limiting, delay, filters, reverb and more.



  • 4 input channels with complex mixing functions (Compressor, Side Chain, Limiter, Shape EQ, Pan, Stereo Width, Gain Staging)
  • Independent effects per channel
  • 4 independent Delays
  • 4 Infinite/Looper Feedback
  • 4 Stereo Offset
  • 4 Double Pulse Delay
  • 13 HP/LP Filters
  • 4 Saturators
  • Reverb with dedicated HP filter
  • 2 assignable LFOs
  • 4 independent Trigger Buttons
  • 3 independent Triggering Modes for creative routing possibilities
  • 4 CV IN
  • 2CV OUT
  • 4 Channel Audio In
  • 4 Channel Audio Out
  • OLED Display
  • 60hp Eurorack format, with aluminum and wood case


The Godfather is still in the prototype stage but it is looking great so far and they expect to open preorders in a few months.


For more info check Enjoy Electronics website