Yamaha CP50 Professional Stage Piano Keyboard

Yamaha introduced a redesigned lineup of CP Series Professional Stage Pianos at Winter NAMM 2010, which let keyboard players fully express their passion for playing. Among the new CP Series is the Yamaha CP50, a portable and flexible digital piano which is perfect for professionals on the go. The Yamaha CP50 features 88-key Weighted Graded Hammer Action Keyboard. The CP50 incorporates 128-note Polyphony, a unique new core sounds of Spectral Component Modeling (SCM) tone generation technology, Virtual Circuit Modeling Effects, Motif XS Synthesizers Effects, wide range of sounds like clavs, organs, strings and many more.

The Yamaha CP50 new SCM technology recreates the sounds and nuances of 12 selected Yamaha acoustic and vintage electronic piano sounds. Additionally, the Yamaha CP50 has 215 additional sounds and various effect to make them ideal for wide musical applications. The Yamaha CP50 can also record keyboard performances as MIDI data for playback whenever required and a range of professionally arranged rhythms for added live performance options. The new Spectral Component Modeling technology allows players to adjust the instrument physical components, including the hardness of the hammers, resonance of the sound board and the striking position of the hammers. It also relies on granular parametric data that translates every nuance of the player touch into an expressive tone.

The Yamaha CP50 also allows players to freely build own acoustic and electric pianos by selecting different components of piano types, amplifiers, and effects and customized original piano sounds to an even more diverse range of exciting piano sounds. This easy to carry,  compact design and light-weight portable keyboard weight 21 kg.

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Yamaha CP33 Professional Stage Piano


Yamaha first CP series was introduce in 1976. After three decades of experience and being a market leader in musical instruments technology, Yamaha introduces its latest CP series; CP33 Stage Piano. The CP33 features 88-Key Premium GHE (Graded Hammer Effects) Piano Action keyboard. The graded hammer effects action gives every key an authentic resistance; working hand in hand with you. The CP33 has all the features of a modern technology instrument; adaptable and portable.

Sound Choice – Yamaha is utmost prudent in the selection of sounds. Only top quality instruments sounds are selected during recording in order to provide the most authentic sound. Stay in Control – The CP33 stage piano gives you full control of the keyboard, from tone generators (MOTIF RACK ES), external synthesizers to commanding your gear throughout your performance. You can create sounds, including complex sounds or designate different voices according to your desire. The 2 dedicated instrument Zones on CP33 can also be freely reassign to control sound attack, brightness, decay and filter cutoff. Take Centre Stage – Step out front and grab the limelight. The CP33 has an extraordinary Mono Piano sound, complete with a compression effect, tailored for live performance. It has the power to stand out even in the presence of a full band. Lock it Up – The CP33 has a Panel Lock button to keep all settings fixed until you want to change them yourself. This feature is to avoid unauthorized trespassing.

For a full 88-Key keyboard with grand piano sound and an extensive features, the CP33 is consider compact, light and mobile, weighing 39 lbs 11 oz. This keyboard can be your next best friend because it tags along wherever you go, sets up anywhere you need and gives you complete piano performance each time you play. The CP33 provides you the same pedal control like the actual grand piano. It comes with a Sustain Pedal and AUX jacks.