Reason Studios Releases Reason 13, Now Available

Reason Studios has released Reason 13, a major upgrade to the virtual studio for Mac and Windows.

Reason Studios has resisted the temptation to succumb to numerical superstition and released Reason 13, the latest version of its DAW and plugin. From a redesigned sequencer and interface to five new Rack Devices, the software appears to be full of improvements and, having previously been available as a public beta, is now fully finished.

The release comes a little under three years after the drop of Reason 12, and one of the most obvious ways that the software’s workflow has been speeded up is with the introduction of a new browser, which puts all patches, samples and loops in one place. You can search by name and type and select categories and tags, which should mean that you get to the content you’re looking for faster.

The Reason soundbank has been updated with new patches, samples, REX loops, demo songs and song starter templates.

The sequencer has been split in two, with a new detailed Edit Area dovetailing with an arrangement view that enables you to keep track of where you are. There’s improved zooming, easier access to editing features, and layout tweaks to freshen things up.

There are two new headline devices, starting with the Polytone dual-layer synthesizer. Inspired, as so many things are, by vintage hardware, this is designed to deliver the warm analogue tone that producers demand and the option to stack or morph between layers so that you can create super-fat or evolving sounds.

Ripley is a space delay that throws reverb into the mix. There’s also filtering of various flavours, noise and distortion, ensuring that you can switch the vibe from lush analogue to lo-fi digital with just a few tweaks.

The other three new devices – the Sidechain, Gain and Stereo Tools – are more practical in design, and equally useful.

New in Reason 13:

  • Reason’s sequencer and interface have been redesigned for a faster workflow and navigation. From the new Edit Area to improved zooming and workflow features, making music in Reason is now faster than ever.
  • All patches, samples, and loops are now found in one place—the new Browser. Categories and tags make it quick to explore over 20 years of sound design along and over 1000 new patches, samples, and loops.
  • Reason 13 also comes with five new Rack devices.
    • Polytone Dual-Layer Synthesizer is a new synth inspired by the immediacy of hardware classics but with a Reason twist. Great for thick analog sounds and instantly playable patches.
    • Ripley Space Delay combines a delay and reverb with unique sound shaping and deep modulation —it’s a delay with character.
    • Finally, the three new Tool devices make common tasks in the Rack easier than ever: sidechaining, stereo widening, and gain staging and panning.

“We are thrilled to introduce Reason 13 to the world,” says Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Product Manager at Reason Studios. “Our goal with this upgrade was to improve Reason’s unique music making workflow. Whether it’s your main DAW or go-to plugin, Reason 13 adds a ton of features – all designed to get you to your sound faster.”

Reason 13 is available both as part of Reason+, which costs £20 a month (£1 for the first month) or as a one-off purchase for £499 (upgrade prices start at £199). Find out more on the Reason Studios website.


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