Yamaha new YC Stage Keyboard Series

Yamaha YC73

Yamaha YC88


Yamaha has announced the larger versions of the YC61 offer drawbars, FM synthesis and much more. A year on from the launch of the YC61 stage keyboard, Yamaha has added two larger siblings to the range, the YC73 and YC88. Alright, you are unable to gig with them right now – for obvious reasons – but Yamaha certainly look up to the job when you are ready to venture out again.


The Yamaha YC73 features 73 balanced keys and is very much an all-rounder when it comes to performance, while the 88-note YC88 is meant for players who prioritize the touch and feel of an acoustic piano. There are Natural Wood keys with triple-sensor action, synthetic ebony and ivory key tops.


As with the YC61, the new models are loaded with vintage keyboard tones, and offer drawbar control for organ players. The organ sound engine is powered by Yamaha Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM) technology, which promises to recreate an organ behaviour right down to component level. The same technology is used for the rotary speaker effect. There are nine drawbars, and you also have control over the percussion and vibrato/chorus and you can customize the key click and leakage, too, and the organ section also includes FM synthesis.


In addition, there are also two Keys sections, with Yamaha AWM technology being used to power acoustic and electric pianos, strings, brass, analogue-style synth sounds and more – FM synthesis is included here, as well. And, there are two easily-tweakable effect sections here also. You can split the Organ and Keys sections across the keyboard or plug in another MIDI keyboard to take control of one of them, which would be useful on stage.


OK, you can still opt for the Yamaha YC61, too – this includes the semi-weighted waterfall action that is preferred by organ players.


Both the YC73 and YC88 will be available from next week.

Yamaha YC88



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    am January 20 2021 @ 6:05 pm

    Few onlookers are keen to get their hands on the bigger version.

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