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Polyverse intros Filterverse Flagship Filter Plug-in

Polyverse Music has Filterverse, a new audio filter plug-in, that’s available now as an early-access public beta release.

Filterverse offers a huge range of filter algorithms and types. Some are reminiscent of classic synths, others model experimental resonating bodies, others perform sonic surgery using multi-peak response curves, and still others are “cyberpunk sound-warping machines”.

Users can select from the myriad of filter and effect types for up to three filter slots at once. Dragging the slots’ tabs arranges the filter order, and routing configurations including serial, parallel, and combinations of the two can be set in the Routing tab.

Independent dry/wet balance, panning, phase-reverse, and mid-side processing per filter allow for precise manipulation of the sonic landscape.

The modulation system features up to eight simultaneous modulators: an editable sequencer/LFO, ADSR, envelope follower, randomizer, pitch detector, MIDI/CV input, audio-rate oscillator, and Polyverse’s “Meta Knob” to change multiple parameters with a single gesture.

“Polyverse has always strived to empower its users to focus primarily on creativity,” says Polyverse founder Assaf Dar Sagol. “Filterverse is third in the Polyverse Filter Trilogy, after Supermodal and Filtron. We believe we have thoroughly reimagined the filter plug-in — and also elevated the whole idea of the filter to a true musical tool one might reach for as quickly as a favorite synthesizer or guitar.”


  • Massive filter collection from timeless to futuristic
  • Refined algorithms capture filter behavior in minute detail
  • Many filters self-resonate and create pleasing saturation
  • Optimized for audio-rate modulation
  • Combine 3 different filters using extensive routing options
  • 8 different modulation sources available at once
  • Modulators can cross-modulate each other
  • Hundreds of presets by world-renowned producers
  • Intuitive user experience focuses on immediate results
  • Full stereo modulation, panning, and mid-side capabilities

Filterverse is available in VST2, VST3, AudioUnit, and AAX formats, making it compatible with the widest variety of host applications including Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Avid Pro Tools, Steinberg Cubase, FL Studio, Reason, PreSonus Studio One and many more. It can be used in 64-bit instances in Windows 7 and later, as well as in macOS 10.13 and later on both Intel and Apple Silicon CPUs.

Filterverse is available as a Public Beta for $79 (full price $149). Bundle discounts are also available.

How To Use Amiga 500 as An Effects Pedal

In this video, synthesist Paulee Alex Bow demonstrates how to use the vintage Commodore Amiga 500 computer as an effects pedal.


“With a sampler cartridge like Technosound Turbo anything is possible,” says Bow. “There’s all sorts of weird and wonderful sounds that came out of the thing!”

The Amiga 500 was originally introduced in 1987 as a home computer, and was a hit for its day, selling millions of units.


Watch the video and share your thoughts in the comments!

Recreating Classic Tangerine Dream Berlin School Music on a Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

In this video, synthesist Gary P Hayes takes a look at recreating four Tangerine Dream Berlin School classics, using a modest Eurorack modular synth rig.

The video focuses on recreating the core sequences and sounds of Tangerine Dream’s Ricochet, Cherokee Lane, Rubycon and Phaedra.

While TD used massive modular systems  to create many of their sounds, Hayes uses a compact rig, centered around inexpensive Behringer gear, including their Euro-format Moog 960, ‘D’ and ARP Solina copies.

What Hayes say about the video:

Using this impressive looking, but limited budget gear, I take you into building the key sequences or two from scratch and the top lines and pads.

The chapters break the video into the ‘Making of’ an excerpt of each work and then a ‘Mini Performance’ called ‘Essences’ – putting it into practice.

Topics covered:

0:00 Title Tease

0:44 Intro Talk

6:32 Making Ricochet

18:35 Essence of Ricochet

26:24 Making Cherokee Lane

35:13 Essence of Cherokee Lane

39:56 Making Rubycon

46:55 Essence of Rubycon

50:08 Making Phaedra

57:56 Essence of Phaedra