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UVI KAWAI Vintage Legacy brings back Vintage ’80s Sounds

UVI has released KAWAI Vintage Legacy, a collection of 5 virtual instruments, based on vintage KAWAI gear from the 1980s.

Each of the included instruments takes inspiration from vintage KAWAI hardware, including the K1, K3, K4, K5, XD5 and R100. Each features its own individual sound and synthesis method, from the K1’s digital PCM waveforms to the K3’s hybrid analog approach, to the additive synthesis of the K5.


  • 4 synths and 1 drum module explore the vintage sounds of KAWAI
  • 1,400 presets deliver the authentic analog sounds of real hardware
  • Rich and charactered sounds – play, edit, layer, or design your own!

KAWAI Vintage Legacy Audio Demos:

KAWAI Vintage Legacy is available now with an intro price of $89/€89 through May 8th 2023 (normally $149/€149).

Rob Papen Instruments introduces BIT-2 Virtual Analog Synthesizer

Rob Papen Instruments has released BIT-2, a major update to their analog modeling synth.

The update adds expanded oscillators, updated filters, enhanced arpeggiator/sequencer, effects and more.

Here’s what they say about what’s new in BIT-2:

“New additions to BIT-2 can be found in its Oscillators. Here you will find SuperSaw and SuperSquare waves, which are multiple Oscillators generated inside Oscillator 1 and/or 2. They give even more flexibility in creating sounds.                                                    Kept from the previous version is the option to modulate Oscillator 2 by Oscillator 1 in several ways which expands the sound palette massively with Phase Modulation, Frequency Modulation, and Ring Modulation!

The two top-notch analogue modeled Filters are expanded in BIT-2 with new modes further enhancing its capabilities for sound shaping.

New inside BIT-2’s arpeggiator/sequencer is the option to dynamically change the start step and end step number, resulting in interesting real-time changing patterns! Another newly added feature is the ‘Magic’ parameter that allows you to alter the played arpeggiator/sequencer in a musical manner. The arpeggiator/sequencer can also work as a modulator and includes an additional free row that you can use to modulate other parts of BIT-2 by using the Modulation Matrix.

The AMP section of BIT-2 has been expanded with multiple distortion options and all are at a per ‘voice’ level, avoiding ugly sounds if you play chords.

An addition of a ‘Ribbon Controller’ found in the lowest section of BIT-2’s GUI allows you to change multiple parameters in a dynamic way using your mouse or an external MIDI controller.

Finally, the finishing touch for BIT-2 is of course the FX section. Some superb-sounding FX have been added and improved. Our top-notch Reverb is also included inside BIT-2 which means you won’t have to go outboard for adding reverb.

BIT-2 is available now with an intro price of $74 (normally $99). A demo version is also available.

Free LABS Obsolete Machines Virtual Instrument gives you sound of 1000 Oscillators Megadrone and More

Spitfire Audio has packed some of Look Mum No Computer’s finest ‘Obsolete Machines’ into a free LABS plugin

Spitfire Audio has released another in their series of LABS free virtual instruments, Obsolete Machines.

Is it ironic that Look Mum No Computer (Sam Battle) has worked with Spitfire Audio to pack sounds from some of his finest hand-built and modified machines into a free plugin that runs in your computer.

LABS range is complete with presets based on the unique instruments derived from the GAMEBOY Megamachine, Sega MegaDrive Synth, and the monstrous 1000 oscillator Megadrone. Battle’s hand-restored vintage Univox also gets a look-in, as does his Formant Bass.

The instrument was recorded on location at Battle’s This Museum is (Not) Obsolete facility in Kent, a place where his collection of electronic craziness is allowed to live and breathe. “It was just inside me – the idea of being in a dark museum,” he says. “I haven’t got a hoarding problem, now I’m a curator.”

The presets in the LABS instrument can be tweaked with Expression, Unison/Warp/Dynamics, LP/HPF Filter and Reverb controls, so you can dive in and start tweaking these (not) obsolete machines to taste.

Obsolete Machines runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats.

Obsolete Machines is available now as a free download on the Spitfire Audio website.