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Free Cramit plugin puts extreme multiband compression and distortion into your DAW


Big compression at no cost

Who down with OTT? You may be familiar with the sound of OTT (over the top) compression. Sixth Sample’s plugin puts extreme multiband compression and distortion into everyone’s DAW. And now Sixth Sample and Integraudio are giving you the effect for free with their new Cramit plugin. This also enables you to dial in some distortion, and all via a straightforward interface.


Many will know the term OTT from the name of a preset in Ableton Live’s multiband compressor, and it’s also been adopted by third-party plugin manufacturers such as Slate Digital  and Xfer Records.


Sixth Sample’s take on the concept gives you three bands of upwards/downwards compression and expansion, and also enables you to apply seven types of distortion (pre or post) that are integrated into a single control. You get 10 factory presets and a resizable interface.


Cramit is available now for PC and Mac in VST/AU formats. You can download it now from the Sixth Sample website

This ‘Thing’ brings New Superpowers to Moog DFAM

Bribery’s Production House shared this overview of the Serendipity Synthesizers DFAM Thing, a third-party device that adds a variety of useful capabilities to the DFAM sequencer, including:

  • MIDI integration — clocking and individual step play,
  • Reset — manual, via CV or via MIDI,
  • Variations in the step order — Forward, Reverse, Bounce, Odds & Evens, Shuffle, Random and Custom
  • Changing the sequence length — 1 to 8 steps (up to 16 steps for a custom step order)

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro

0:28 DFAM Problem

2:19 DFAM Thing

3:10 Seq Reset

4:30 Additional Features

6:20 Reverse mode

6:50 Align Step 1

8:00 Additional Modes

9:05 Play As Keys

10:25 MIDI Mode

12:40 Super Fast Speeds

18:05 Length Change

19:52 Clock Division/Multiplier

21:52 Wrap Up

23:20 LuRk UrN SurbScRiBe      Find out more on the DFAM Thing on developer’s website.


Waveform Free 12, a Full-Featured, Cross-Platform DAW, gets Major Update


Free music production software is based on the core features of Waveform Pro 12.


Tracktion Software has released Waveform Free 12, the latest update to their free, cross-platform digital audio workstation (DAW): new features and no annoying restrictions.


This latest version of Waveform Free is based on the essential features of Waveform Pro 12, Tracktion’s paid-for DAW, and imposes no restrictions on track counts, exporting/rendering, project saving or use of third-party plugins. It won’t time out, either.


The 2022 edition of Waveform Free includes a completely new browser that enables you to specify tags, favourites and smart lists. 15 of the audio effects have been refreshed, too, and there are now six utility plugins. These include a convert-to-mono tool and a spectrum analyser.


The Actions panel, meanwhile, enables you to favourite your most-used actions and create custom actions for one-click recall.


What they say about Waveform Free 12:


“Waveform Free 12 lends itself perfectly to electronic music production.


Offering inline MIDI and Step Clip access for speedy programming, a powerful rack environment for complex FX processing and sound design, plus a variety of Instruments and including: 4OSC synth, Micro Drum Sampler, Micro Sampler and a new Rompler. A brand new browser offering tags and smart lists helps manage vast sample libraries and locate your favorite plugins and instruments in a flash.”



Waveform Free 12 is available now for Linux, Mac and Windows.


Watch the video for an overview of what Waveform Free 2022 is all about, and download it on the Tracktion website.