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Murda Melodies, creative multi-effects plugin from Slate Digital and Murda Beatz


Slate Digital have announced the release of an all-new multi-effects plugin developed in partnership with hip-hop producer Murda Beatz.


The plugin gives music makers access to eight effects knobs, which control a variety of audio effects, including pitch-shifting, reverb, delay, chorus, reverse and more. Interestingly, the knobs are labelled with graphic icons, with no text describing their exact function.


In addition, there are two filter knobs, a Spread control for increasing stereo width, a Pitch Jitter control that spans four octaves, and a Wobble slider for recreating a “classic record wobble effect”. Murda Melodies comes pre-loaded with 50 custom presets developed by Murda Beatz, that allow producers to get started on sculpting their sounds quickly and easily.


Murda Beatz has described the plugin as “the new cheat code to making beats”. “I wanted to make something that was super easy to use,” he said. “The presets are amazing, two clicks and you can find the most amazing way to warp a melody.”


Murda Melodies is available for purchase as part of Slate Digital’s subscription package, the All Access Pass.


Visit Slate Digital website for more details.






Play The Weeknd and James Blake producer Frank Dukes’ synth collection in a new plugin, the Prince


Mega-producer Frank Dukes has created a new plugin that reproduces the sounds of his expansive collection of vintage synths, used in tracks from Drake, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, James Blake, and Frank Ocean.


Produced in partnership with new software company Cradle, The Prince features 139 sounds recorded in Dukes’ studio and taken from his impressive collection of instruments. The plugin comes equipped with 250 presets for music makers to get started with instantly, divided into Leads, Pads, Keys, Organs, Plucks and Brass. There’s five effects to shape and manipulate the sounds, including reverb, delay, chorus, distortion and noise. Multiple sounds can be layered and blended with a crossfader, with a separate LFO, filter and amp envelope for each layer.


The release of the instrument has been accompanied by a three-part series of videos with Frank Dukes, which dives into his creative process and gives viewers an insight into the making of the plugin. “I made this synth for anybody who wants to approach making music” he says. “They don’t necessarily need to have technical ability or an understanding of synthesis […] I’ve been using The Prince on almost everything I’ve been doing lately.”


The Prince is available now for $119.


Visit Cradle website to find out more or download a free trial.






Free ‘Spooky Theremin’ Instrument /Sound For Ableton Live


Synthesist and Ableton Certified Trainer Brian Funk shared a free Ableton Live pack featuring a classic ‘spooky theremin’ sound.


In the video tutorial above, Funk demonstrates his sound design process, synthesizing the theremin with Ableton Live’s Wavetable and then adding expressive controls with pressure and the modulation wheel.


You can download the free Live Pack via Brian Funk website, where you’ll also find hundreds of previous Live Packs and sound design tutorials.