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20 Generative Patches for Moog Mother-32 Synthesizer Enable You Discover Its True Depth


Anton Anru shared the video demo for Probability, a collection of 20 generative patches for the Moog Mother-32 synthesizer.


Here’s what sound designer, Anru has said about it:


Controlled chaos and randomness, probability, non-repetitiveness, tempo break, pattern uniqueness, short and long sounds alternation, unexpected changes, silence and density, harmonic and fx-like tones, freaky splashes during a sequence – all these things are included in the soundset.


Generative timbre may be a good addition to (or a lead part of) ambient or techno tracks, jams and performances. You may also record fragments into your DAW or sampler, slice it to one-shots or make loops – you’ll get a unique material for further processing.


The patches are documented as illustrations in a pdf file, as shown below:



You need up to 10 patch cords to recreate the patches.


“If you make all the settings consciously and try the things mentioned in the notes,” notes Anru, “you will learn lots of things about the synth and discover its true depth.


“Probability” is available now for $9.95.


Serato Studio can now Record Audio and More


Serato has released Serato Studio 1.6, a free update that is designed to make it easy to record vocals, track instruments, sample from vinyl and make complete songs.


“Serato Studio now opens up music production to vocalists who want to rap or sing and then put a professional-level beat behind it,” says Serato’s Chief Strategy Officer Nick Maclaren.


“With many DAWs there are technical barriers stopping vocalists from being able to make a simple loop but with Serato Studio you can record and make a beat within a few mouse clicks. It’s the workflow in 1.6 that makes recording unique, and helps vocalists and producers to get ideas down fast, which is often difficult in music production.”


The beginner/DJ-friendly DAW recording functionality has been added without compromising Serato Studio’s simple workflow, which has always been one of the software key selling points. You can now capture vocals, instruments and samples, expanding your creative horizons significantly.


Other improvements include – the ability to drag-and-drop audio clips into other tracks; three additional FX slots for the Audio Track – bringing the total to six; and a new Virtual Audio Driver that enables you to livestream Serato Studio output to another application. Smaller improvements and bug fixes have also been made.


How to record vocals in Serato Studio 1.6:


How to record instruments in Serato Studio 1.6:


Find out more on the Serato website.


You can purchase Serato Studio outright for $199, or subscribe for $9.99 a month.






Download the Free modern IK Multimedia Art Deco Piano


A sampled piano with a difference, and you can currently have it for free till 3 August.


IK Multimedia is giving away free music software to subscribers of its newsletter by offering them Art Deco Piano, a SampleTank instrument that usually retails for €79.99 and is powered by more than 1GB of sample content.


This recreates the look and sound of the visually Blüthner PH grand piano. Instead of being housed in a wooden cabinet, this is made of metal, leather and other materials, and is known for its bright and modern sound.


The bright and modern Art Deco Piano should cut nicely through a mix, and there are 10 presets. Art Deco Piano works both in the full version of SampleTank 4 and the Custom Shop version, which works on PC and Mac and can be downloaded for free. This runs both standalone and as a plugin.


The giveaway runs until 3 August.


Find out how to get your free copy of Art Deco Piano in the video above and on the IK Multimedia website.