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A Full-blown SSL console with the UC1 channel strip and bus compressor plugin controller

SSL followed-up its UF8 DAW controller with the UC1, a dedicated control surface for its Native Channel Strip 2 and Bus Compressor 2 plugins.

Licenses for both plugins are included with the UC1, and can be accessed via the SSL 360° Plug-in Mixer, a virtual console. You can connect this to three different DAWs and switch between them. The SSL Native Channel Strip 2 and Bus Compressor 2 plugins come included.

The Controller itself promises knob per-function control of the plugins – you get “studio-quality” encoders, switches and feedback LEDs, along with an authentic moving coil Bus Compressor gain reduction meter. The UC1 constantly reflects the plugin currently in use.

“With the addition of UC1, we now provide a series of studio-quality, affordable production hardware controllers with our signature SSL design approach,” says Nigel Beaumont, SSL Managing Director.

“From music production recording and mixing, to exacting audio finessing for post-production, the UC1 adds a level of detailed control and response for classic SSL EQs and compression, traditionally only found on a full-blown SSL console.

“With plans to expand our plugin offerings in the future, we will bring more of our heritage and modern processing tools to these exciting products.”

The UC1 features an all-metal enclosure and a brushed anodized top plate, and connects to your PC or Mac over USB. It is available now priced at £499 + VAT/ $799.99/ €619 + Tax. Find out more on the SSL website.



SonicProjects Stringer Virtual String Machine


New “pure” mode in version 3.0


SonicProjects has introduced Stringer 3.0, an update to their virtual string machine for Mac and Windows.


Stringer is based on samples from classic strings synths, including the Logan String Melody II, ARP Omni 2 & Welson Symphony. A new pure mode in version 3.0, combined with the ensemble and modulation effects, enables you design new string ensemble sounds from scratch.


In the video above, all sounds come directly from the stereo output of Stringer, with no external effects involved.





Stringer 3.0 New features:


  • 64bit and Mac compatibility (Mac: AU only)
  • Built-in patch browser with proprietary patch-format
  • Larger interface (about 40% larger)
  • Built-in effects unit (Modulation and Reverb)
  • A separate switchable ensemble effect (pre-effect)
  • A new „pure” mode (generated saw) in all-buttons-off state
  • 54 new presets (total 98) using the new features


The Stringer is available now at intro price of $55



New Loop Slicer & Sampler For Mac and Windows: get the Initial Slice

Initial Audio has introduced Slice, a loop slicer and beat making plugin.


Initial Slice enables you load audio loops, via drag and drop and then slice, loop, reverse, pitch shift or even time stretch them. The Slice also features with multiple built-in piano rolls, so you can create sequences in the box. Other features include an advanced drum sequencer, bass sequencer, playlist editor a 4 effect racks – each with 11 built in effects.



  • Over 300 royalty free factory samples including beatstarters and drum patterns.
  • Main Editor which lets you slice, timestretch, pitchshift, loop, reverse and gate your samples.
  • 3 effect racks and 1 master rack
  • Built in Slice sequencer allowing you to program slice patterns
  • Built in advanced Drum Sequencer
  • Built in Bass Sequencer / Sample Player
  • Built in Playlist allowing you to create quick arrangements
  • Built in Sample Library allowing you to access your drum kits and sample packs in the box


The Initial Slice is available now for $99.