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Korg MS-20 FS Monophonic Synthesizer

MS-20 FS Full-size MS-20 Synthesizer (White)


The Full-Sized Korg MS-20 Is Back!

Originally released in the late ’70s, the original MS-20 is a classic semi-modular monosynth, prized for its distinctive, aggressive-sounding filters and external audio processing capabilities. The MS-20 was originally revived by Korg in 2013, in the form of the three quarter-sized MS-20 mini, and while two full-sized versions did follow – in full and desktop module forms – both were released as DIY kits produced in limited numbers.


Korg has announced another production run of the full-sized MS-20, and this time in pre-built, rather than kit format. And what is more there are four limited-edition color variations to choose from. These include the standard black design along with new green, white and blue versions, each of which Korg says will be produced in limited numbers.


The full-sized 37-note keyboard’s design remains the same as the original including two filter types, Except for the addition of MIDI and USB MIDI control – just pitch and note on/off. The two filter allow users to switch between earlier and later designs of the original filter.


The Korg MS-20 FS  Monophonic Synthesizer  is expected to be available in April 2021.


For more details, visit Korg website.


Nord WAVE 2 Synthesizer Keyboard


The Nord Wave 2 is akin to four synths in one. And when you look at the specifications, it is one of the most versatile synth as Clavia has include all kinds of things into its latest red keyboard.


The Nord Wave 2 comes with a 61-note after-touch keyboard, with performance features including an arpeggiator, a gate for rhythmic effects, and morphing facilities. There is also a Unison mode for super fat sounds.


The Wave 2 is a 4-part synth with dedicated volume/pan faders for each part. You can use sample-based, virtual analogue, wavetable and FM synthesis, and you get 48 notes of polyphony. There are OLED displays for both the Program and Oscillator sections, plus 1GB of memory that can be filled up with sounds from the Nord Sample Library 3.0.


Modulation options include an LFO with five waveforms, flexible syncing and routing and an AD/AR envelope, and there is also an ADSR amp envelope. You can choose from six filter types – this section also has its own ADSR envelope – while effects include a modulation FX suite, EQ and drive, delay and reverb.


The Wave 2 is perfect for the stage and studio.


The Nord Wave 2 is expected to be available in March.