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Nord Lead A1


The Brand New Nord Lead A1 is a 24-voice polyphonic, four-part multi-timbral analogue modelling synthesizer capable of reproducing all the nuances and personality of vintage synths delivering a surprisingly rich sound and wide range of colors.

The Nord Lead A1 uses a brand new Oscillator section with many configuration shortcuts available for quick creation and editing of patches. The improved workflow lets you create sounds much faster than what is possible for synthesis of such complexity. This improved workflow concept is carried further in the modulation section with a single LFO and simplified Modulation Envelope using intuitive controls accessible directly from the front panel. This new designs lets you experiment with modulation much faster without compromising the overview of the structure of the patch.

The filter section includes Low Pass, high Pass and band pass filters as well as to modelled Ladder M and Ladder TB filters which will provide some of the most sought after and recognizable filters. Each of the four slots features an independent effect processor with delays, beautifully rich reverb, Drive, Ring Modulation, phaser, flanger, and new and impressive Ensemble and Chorus which have been modelled on legendary vintage synths bringing the warmth and richness that most keyboard player longs for. In addition to the effect section, each slot boasts its own arpeggiator.

Additional features include Nord’s highly popular Morph function which can be controlled via velocity or Mod Wheel allowing several parameters to be morphed in real-time. Master Clock Sync lets you synchronize the LFO arpeggiator and delay to the tempo. Four independent outputs are included which can be assigned to a voice. MIDI over USB is also featured.

Added features since NAMM January 2014 include the new ‘Like’ function, a simple and brilliant practical feature to use during patch creation. When programming a patch it is often not clear if it is yet perfect. Now with the Lead A1 you can simply ‘Like’ what you have done into a temporary location and continue editing. You can Like up to 50 variations, with the ability to scroll between them to compare your favorites or go back to a specific Liked version to edit in a different way. When you are ready, save your favorite patch or patches to the Lead A1’s memory. The new Mutator function is a popular feature of the Lead 4 , which allows variations of a patch to be created by adjusting one, some, or all elements of a patch by set percentages. There is also a wild Randomize mode to create an entirely new patch with all parameters randomized. Another new feature is a newly designed “Fat-As-Fat-Can-Be” Unison Mode let’s the Nord Lead A1 challenge any vintage analog instrument.

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