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Korg KingKORG Analog Modeling Synthesizer

The new Korg KingKORG is a 61-key analog modeling synthesizer with Tube Preamp, Vintage Effects, Vocoder, Arpeggiator, CV Control, Oscillators, Filters, and Modulation Controls.

The KingKORG unique feature is the new XMT (eXpanded Modelling Technology) modelling sound engine that simplifies the overall operation of the synth whilst still being able to produce a wide variety of incredible sounding tones. The KingKORG provides pre-set algorithms that contain combinations of familiar oscillator sounds such as sawtooth, square and noise as well as numerous PCM/DWGS algorithms to sculpt unique and personal sounds.

The KingKORG also features a vocoder section with an on-board microphone input, to get those Daft Punk robot voice sounds as well as the creative freedom to use a voice as the basis for new tonal creations. The KingKORG also has Formant Shift to modify the character as well as Formant Hold which freezes a vowel sound to be played back across the keys.

Additionally, Korg has also included powerful and diverse modelling filters based on classic synthesizers from the ‘70s and ‘80s that allow unique sound shaping, as well as a faithful recreation of Korg’s own MS-20 analogue synthesizer. Being analogue modelled, the filters closely mimic behaviour such as self-oscillation and distortion for aggressive leads and basses.

Perhaps, one of the more striking features is the intuitive new panel layout that makes the KingKORG easy to use, with a dedicated display for the oscillator clearly showing the current algorithm. There is also a function for selecting sounds by type such as ANALOG or PCM, and plenty of knobs spaciously laid out that give immediate hands on control of the most important parameters, making production and performance a more tactile experience.

Take to the stage with the performance-designed Korg KingKORG analog modeling synth. Created for live use, this synth delivers easy-to-use controls, amazing tones, and is light weight. The Korg KingKORG synth has all the tools you need to gig like a pro.
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M-Audio Axiom AIR 49 Controller

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Three new premium controller keyboards released by M-Audio include 25, 49 and 61 note versions. The new M-Audio Axiom AIR 49 features 49-key USB MIDI Controller with Synth-action Keys, 29 Knobs/Faders/Pads, Dedicated Transport Controls, HyperControl Mapping, and Ignite Software – Mac/PC/iOS

A Controller That Inspires – The M-Audio Axiom AIR 49 USB MIDI keyboard controller is an inspiration to use. The 49 synth-action keys communicate musical expression to your DAW with amazing accuracy. You get eight encoders, nine long-throw faders, and 12 backlit pads that are pure joy to your fingertips, and Hypercontrol automatic mapping technology to tie it all effortlessly to your music software. The Axiom AIR 49 ships with Ignite music creation software to energize your creative workflow. If you are constantly fighting your controller, you need one that works with you. Empower your ideas and bring them to life with the M-Audio Axiom AIR 49 !

The three models differ in the mix of controllers that are available with the 25 note swaying towards additional pads and the 49 and 61 note incorporating large mixer functions

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M-Audio Axiom AIR 25 25-Key