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Roland JUPITER-50 Synthesizer

The new Roland Jupiter-50 features a 76-note weighted keyboard, with Roland’s SuperNATURAL acoustic sounds, more than 1,500 SuperNATURAL synthesizer tones, maximum 128 voices Polyphony, Assignable real-time Controllers; S1 and S2, Assignable knobs; C1 or C2, Pitch and Modulation stick, D-Beam Controller, Part Level Sliders; Percussion/Lower, Upper and Solo , LCD display with backlit.

The Roland Jupiter-50 has two assignable real-time dials, the S1 and S2 switch. The real-time dials can be assigned to ‘tone blender’ function or various controller to control multiple parameters at once. The Jupiter-50’s tones can be a Supernatural Acoustic or a Supernatural Synth, and up to four tones; acoustic or synth can be layered to form custome Live Set, which includes envelopes, filters, offsets, panning and many more. Registration encompass performance-related settings like splits and layers, arpeggiator settings, note ranges, pedal control, including an upper part, combined lower/percussion part and a solo part. Each of which has a dedicated front panel volume slider and on/off switch so that parts and layers can be quickly muted or faded in or out while the dedicated colored sound category buttons assist in the sound selection process, which is great for live performance. In addition, with three parts per registration, the Jupiter-50 simplifies the sound-design process. JP Synth Editor is an iPad app that enables you to edit the SuperNATURAL Synth Tones via iPad.

The Roland Jupiter-50 weighs in an amazing 11kg. The new-generation Roland Jupiter powerhouse features, sounds, and travel-friendly design is indeed a dream for gigging musicians ! And electronic producers will love its extremely powerful synth section, particularly with the new analogue modelled filter types on board.

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