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Williams ALLEGRO 88-Key Digital Piano


The Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano features 88 weighted hammer-action, velocity-sensitive keys, with 64-note Polyphony, 8 Preset Voices; 2 pianos, 2 electric pianos, 2 organs, strings and upright bass and 8 Preset Demo Songs, Effects; Reverb and Chorus, Layer and Split modes, large LCD display, a Metronome feature, MIDI In/Out, 2-track recording with song recording and playback.

The Allegro though is not a grand piano and has limited voices, but has good piano sounds. The grand piano is excellent and so is the pop piano as well. The electric pianos are good with electric piano 2 being the best of the two. It has the basic church organ and a very good rock organ. Both church and rock organ are supported with a Boss RT 20 for Leslie feel. Strings are for layering and the bass sound is an upright type sound, and when you layer a couple of sounds it grows on you. The Allegro keys are weighted – the touch sensitive and feel is good. The control modes are straight forward with an easy 3 digit LED display. The MIDI In/Out connections enables you to use it as a basic controller with your favorite DAW.

Despite weighing 17.2 kg, the Williams Allegro has held its own as a practice piano at the house. If you are looking for a decent full size 88-key digital piano for a fraction of the cost, this is it! – Williams Allegro. The simple and easy of use digital piano is ideal for beginners, advance players or occasional players as well. And with great Sounds, Style and Price!


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