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Roland V-PIANO

Roland proudly unveiled the new chapter of its V legacy, the Roland V-Piano. The piano redefined. This revolutionary “living’ piano breaks the digital sampling barrier in a stand-alone instrument and all pianos sound are customizable. The authentic grand piano sound and other pianos sound on-board are amazing.

The V-Piano features 88 keys new PHA-III (Progressive Hammer Action III) Ivory Feel keyboard with Escapement, maximum Polyphony, LCD display, and weight approximately 38.2 kg. By incorporating this advanced keyboard technology, even the most demanding player will appreciate the new PHA-III Ivory Feel Keyboard. This technology provides the feel of ivory for the natural keys, a truly grand piano touch and response.

Even though, the Roland V-Piano incorporates advanced technology but still it is user-friendly. You can familiarize and start working on your project within a few minutes.


Kawai EP3 Digital Piano

The Kawai EP3 is a flexible and robust Portable Digital Piano. This contemporary piano is perfect for all occasions, be it Sundays church choir, practising or gigging. The EP3 features redesigned 88 – Note Graded Hammer Advanced Hammer Action IV-F keyboard with the authentic grand piano touch, 96-note Polyphony, Effects: 5 Reverb effects, Chorus, Delay, Tremolo and 2 Rotary effects.

The Kawai EP3 incorporates Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology and additional effects, making it a uniquely designed musical instrument producing beautiful sound with breathtaking authenticity and delivering exceptional rich tones. The EP3 robust sound system and unique design professional features enable the compact portable keyboard instrument to connect to audio devices and also for live stage performances. There is a built-in metronome with an additional 30 drum rhythms and USB to host for easy connectivity to computers.

The Compact and Portable EP3 weight merely 21.5 kg. The EP3 inventive process is able to satisfy even the most demanding pianist.

CME VX80 MIDI Keyboard

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CME launched the version 2 of VX series MIDI keyboard. This keyboard is designed to complement the 21st. Century musicians. The New VXv2 series comes in four models; VX50/60/70/80 and ranging from 49-, 61-, or 76-key velocity sensitive Semi-weighted action keyboard to 88-key Professional Graded hammer-action weighted keyboard, suitable for gigging keyboardists, studio environment and live performances.

The VX80 features 88-key, USB MIDI, USB audio functions, tons of Midi songs and styles on-board and you can also be download songs from Internet to VX80 via USB, a brand new Game mode which allows music beginners to assess their performance skill. Additionally, the VX is the first keyboard in the world with multi-ethnic scales, to enable you to play Asian or Arabian music. The Multi-function expansion slot enable you to expand VX80’s modules, from analog synthesizer module, sound module, digital mixing console to firewire audio interface module.

With all these awesome features the CME VX80 MIDI has set the new standard of controller keyboard.

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