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Casio WK-500 Workstation Musical Keyboard


The Casio WK-500 is the latest addition to Casio ‘WK’ range of workstation and family. The Casio WK-500 Workstation features 76 standard size touch-sensitive piano styles keys and incorporates Casio’s acclaimed AHL Sound Source technology, allowing users to select up to 670 high quality tones, 200 rhythms, 152 built-in tunes and 5 songs. This portable workstation weight approximately 17.2 lbs.

The WK-500 also features 48 note polyphony and new improved Step Up Lesson system. A large LCD screen graphically shows users fingerings, keyboard keys to press and notes. This helpful assistance allows users to practice and play at their own pace while enjoying the lessons and feel a sense of achievement at the same moment. A USB MIDI  enable users to connect the WK-500 to a computer or use as a centre piece  for MIDI production, and the SD memory card slot allows users to store their creative work. The workstation is connectable to MP3 or audio instruments and with 10 seconds of sampling.

The Casio WK-500 piano styles keys gives a more natural feel. This affordable, flexible and user friendly workstation keyboard is suitable for music beginners and advanced players. Whether you are playing at home or in a large concert, this powerful portable workstation keyboard will breeze through even complex parts.

Yamaha S08 Synthesizer

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The Yamaha S08 is an affordable and portable weighted action Synthesizer. The S08 features 88-key Balanced Hammer Effect (BH) keyboard. The lightweight Yamaha S08 Professional  Synthesizer keyboard is specially designed for both weighted action and quick response. Weighing merely 20 kg, the S08 is the “go-to” keyboard instrument for the gigging musicians.

The self-contained music synthesizer has tons of voices for you to choose from, over 700 Voices including combination of the flagship S80 synthesizer waveforms. The S08 features maximum 64 notes polyphony and up to 16 multi instrument parts can be played back simultaneously. Yamaha integrates own 24-bit digital effects processing chip into S08 making it a synthesizer with a complete range of high quality Effects.

Music is an intrinsic part of people life. The Yamaha S08 Synthesizer is committed to making music. The S08 can connect directly and compatible to any USB-equipped Windows® or Macintosh® computer. This feature, together with pitch and modulation wheels, makes it an ideal MIDI controller for computer-based music production.

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Korg M3 XPanded Music Workstation/Sampler

The Korg M3 Music Workstation is Korg revolutionary third generation music workstation and family. The Korg M3 Music Workstation major enhancements and free upgrade makes M3 well ahead of the Workstation class. The NEW Korg M3 XPanded Music Workstation/Sampler features 668 Mbytes of PCM, delivering a huge number of sound variations; 412 Mbytes of free sample expansion. Powerful enhancements to the sequencer and interface, in addition to the exclusive KARMA® technology makes Korg M3 XPanded Music Workstation the go-to keyboard instrument for music production.

The Korg M3 XPanded Music Workstation /Sampler features 61-key, 73-key and 88-key models. The M3 expanded sequencer mode includes piano roll screen and touch-drag function for edit, delete, create or control events. Also included in the sequencer mode is the full MIDI system , allowing users to record, view, control and edit M3 synthesis, mixing structures and effects. The Korg M3 updated features include 700 effect presets voiced, additional 149 drum patterns and enhanced TouchView user interface.

The incredible sound of M3 derives from M3 XPanded’s EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) technology and Korg create program that use this new data to it’s maximum. There are tons of tones shaping control available but only  Korg M3 XPanded Music Workstation /Sampler  can bring the tones alive, add light and motion to your sounds, and it has all the features you require to inspire, record and revolutionize your music.