Baby Audio Magic Dice is a free VST plugin that delivers endless spaced-out reverb/echo effects with a single click



Baby Audio Spaced Out plugin is a superb reverb and echo processor that can deliver wildly creative results, billed as ‘a Space Echo for the 21st century’.  And now you can have all of its processing goodness in a free plugin, Magic Dice, which generates random atmospheres with a single click.


One of Spaced Out’s strengths is its simplicity, but Magic Dice is even easier to use. Simply click the dice and it gets to work – if you do not like what you hear, all you have to do is just continue clicking until you do. There are endless combinations and you will never get exactly the same result twice.


Though you can’t tweak any parameters, behind the scenes you are getting access to the same reverb/delay/modulation processors as you will find in Spaced Out. Expect to hear everything from hazy space echoes to lush reverbs and out-there modulation effects.


Magic Dice is the successor to Magic Switch, Baby Audio’s previous freebie, which offers one-click ‘80s style chorus effects. This will remain available.


Magic Dice is available for PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats.


You can download Magic Dice now on the Baby Audio website.






Free Novation Circuit Rhythm Sample Expansion Pack features more than 550 plus Royalty-Free Samples



Novation has released the Circuit Rhythm Sample Expansion Pack, a free collection of over 550 new, royalty-free samples for the Circuit Rhythm.


The Circuit Rhythm Sample Expansion Pack features a wide array of samples, ranging from vinyl samples and soulful chords to slick beats and organic instrumentation.


The Sample Expansion Pack includes 6 distinct sound packs:


  • Coastline Bliss – “Drift away to a golden coastal sunset” with these grainy vinyl samples and tight beats.
  • Trap Hop – Filled with dark hip-hop influences, with warped sound-design and tight Trap beats.
  • East Coast Soul – East Coast Soul offers and set of electric pianos, vibrant chord progressions and shimmering digital leads.
  • Wonky Hip Hop – A chilled collection of guitars, tight hip-hop beats and smooth bass lines.
  • Neo Soul – features a rich set of organic instrumentation, laid-back beats, and top lines.
  • Daybreak Trap – This bass-heavy pack blends chill guitar melodies with deep sub basses and trap beats.


Audio Demos:


The Novation Circuit Rhythm Sample Expansion Pack is available now as a free download via the Novation Components website. 







Free UDO Super 6 Firmware Update adds New MIDI and Synthesis Options



UDO Audio has released a free firmware update for their Super 6 synthesizer, adding support for USB MIDI, new synthesis options and more.                                 


“A lot of hard work has gone into this update, we feel that it brings the Super 6 up towards the level that it should be at,” they note. “There is a lot of untapped potential inside the Super 6 and we are now one (large) step closer to taking full advantage of it.”



What’s new in Super 6 Firmware v0.27:


  • MIDI CC/NRPN Send & Receive from all controls (besides some modal controls such as PATCH (1-8 & A-H), WAVE, SHIFT etc…)
  • Dramatic increase in resolution & precision of knob and fader controls with dynamic smoothing
  • Fully variable Voltage Controlled Highpass Filter
  • Pan spread control in 12-voice mode
  • Added Decay Hold phase to envelope generators ENV1 and ENV2

The Super 6 Firmware v0.27 is available now.


Download the v0.27 release notes to read through the full list of changes.