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Novation have recently launched the Novation Summit, a 16 voice poly-synth. The Summit is basically a two Peaks in one box, which you can use as a single synth engine or split the keys, or pick two separate patches that can be layered, blended. The Novation Summit features 5 octaves, 61-note semi-weighted, velocity sensitive aftertouch keyboard.

The Novation Summit is a combination of digital and analogue technology, using Novation’s New Ox-ford Oscillators to provide a high-resolution digital sound source that is then processed through a stereo analogue signal path. Signal path incorporates dual multimode filters and an analogue VCA per-voice. In addition, are three stages of analogue distortion – pre- and post-filter, and post-VCA. The Oxford oscillators are capable of classic waveforms, FM synthesis and wavetable synthesis.

Besides the Novation Summit packs an onboard arpeggiator that allows you to arpeggiate some of your favorite patches, this instrument also has two stereo outputs, a headphone out and a stereo input, which allows external signals to be processed via the onboard effects using one of the synth’s two multitimbral parts. There is a signal CV modulation input, too. This synth can also run as a MIDI controller.

Key Features:

  • Polyphony – 16 Voice polyphony
  • Voice Modes – 5 : Mono, MonoLG, Mono2, Poly, Poly2
  • Oscillators – 48 (3 per voice)
  • Modes: Layered, Split, Bi-timbral
  • LFO – 2
  • Ring Modulator: 1
  • Noise Generator: 1
  • Waveforms: Triangle, Saw, Square, Pulse
  • Pre and Post Filter Distortion
  • 16 Modulation Slots Per Patch
  • Aftertouch
  • Software Included: Ableton Live Lite

I believe this is a truly impressive synthesizer, especially for those who favor poly-synths. The Novation Summit would be available in September.

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