Nord Electro 4D Stage Keyboard


The new Nord Electro 4D features 61-note semi-weighted waterfall keybed  Рsimilar as the Electro 3, new physical drawbars for hands-on control, tone wheel organ engine, new Rotary speaker, USB MIDI.

The new Electro 4D semi-weighted waterfall keybed is great for organ sounds and still controllable enough for playing piano-type sounds. Most notably, the addition of real drawbars that replace the lights and buttons on the previous electros has transformed the Electro 4D into a real player’s instrument when playing live. Also included is an expanded delay effects section with tap tempo button, rate, a stereo ping-pong mode, and amount controls. The Electro 4D organ engine is Nord’s flagship organ derived from Nord C2D. The piano engine is still similar but, now there is a long release function which adds a more realistic long decay to the acoustic piano sounds. This is a subtle addition but one that adds much again to the overall authenticity. Additionally, four live locations and 4 preset banks give an unprecedented amount of freedom with presets, and Nord finally provides MIDI flexibility, making the USB port a USB-MIDI interface.

The Nord Electro 4D simple layout, unmatched sound quality and classic control surface, an evolutionary upgrade. One thing though, the Electro 4D is mono-timbral, so no layering or splitting of organ and piano sections can be done at a time. The tough, compact and ultra portable Nord Electro 4D SW61 61-Key Portable Keyboard weigh merely 7 kg.


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