M-Audio Prokeys Sono 88 Digital Piano



The M-Audio Prokeys Sono 88 Portable Digital Piano is a 88-key semi-weighted velocity sensitive keyboard. The Prokeys Sono 88 includes audio interface to complement songwriters and performers and to bridge the gap between writing, recording and performing. The ProKeys Sono 88 and 61 are the first-ever portable digital pianos with built-in USB audio interfaces.

The M-Audio ProKeys Sono 88 features a built-in stereo-sampled Steinway grand piano sound, in addition to six other sounds ; electric piano, bright piano, organ, clav, choir and strings. Additionally, there are 128 GM instrument sounds including percussions and drums on-board. With the instruments galore, the Prokeys Sono 88 is a multi-purpose instrument ; jamming for fun, recording or performing, all with ease.

The M-Audio Prokeys Sono 88 Portable Digital Piano with unprecedented power, ease and flexibility.