Hammond XK-3C Organ



The new Hammond XK-3c has been designed with the professional musician in mind. Built upon the outstanding features and astounding tone-wheel type sound found on the legendary XK-3 keyboard which is no longer being produced. Hammond engineers have added many of the most requested advanced features and effects never before found on a Hammond keyboard of this price range.

The XK-3c features 73 (61 + 12 preset keys) Waterfall keys with velocity, two sets of 9 and one set of two drawbars, Vase III sound generator creates 96 independent oscillating digital tone wheels for accurate reproduction of B3 sound, original B-3 reverse color keys presets, split upper and lower vibrato/chorus switches, assignable controller for MIDI instruments, advanced digital Leslie and vibrato scanner. The XK-3c is also equipped with a vacuum dual tube preamplifier and overdrive. Most importantly, the XK-3c has full polyphony. Like the Hammond XK-3 keyboard, the new XK-3c can be used strictly as a single keyboard or expanded into a two-manual B-3 like organ when used in conjunction with either the innovative PRO or Traditional XK Systems.

The XK-3c is so well thought out and is set up to be reminiscent of a very fine vintage Hammond B-3 Organ. However, the XK-3c allows you advanced and comprehensive control over all of the different features of a Hammond Organ. This allows you to mold your XK-3c into your dream organ which will sound and play exactly as you wish. Normally, technicians command high prices to customize a B-3 to individual tastes. But, now you have all of this control at your fingertips, in a simple interface. Or you can just play your XK-3c without modification, either way the XK-3c is designed to be mirror image of a classic Hammond Organ.