Elegance JC-8890 ROLL-UP Piano



The Elegance JC-8890 Roll-Up Piano is an innovative design roll-up keyboard that can fold away and allows  musician to bring and play music anywhere he desires. This unique keyboard has good concept,  because it is ultra-light and thin therefore,  it does not requires storage space and anyone even kids can just roll it up and put it in their pocket or pouch and carry it with them wherever they go.

The Roll-Up piano features 49-Standard keys which covers 5 octaves, 100 GM Timbres, 100 rhythms, 34 demo songs, single and fingered chord, digital LED display and can run on 4 AA batteries. This Roll-Up keyboard only weight approximately 0.878 kg but can create lots of different tones. This fully functional, portable and affordable keyboard gives you the opportunity to practice and play music anywhere and whenever your heart desires. Though the keys are a bit stiff  but the pros outweigh the cons.

Technology is music to my ears and I just love innovations. Though sometimes it takes a little longer than expected but it is worth the wait.