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The new Moog One could be the Moog polysynth that you have always wanted. Any Moog synth launch is greeted with excitement, but when it is the company’s first polysynth in more than three decades, it is a particular big deal. The new Moog One is described as an “analogue dream synth”, and boasts what Moog is said to be calling the most advanced architecture ever for one of its instruments.

Available in eight- and 16-voice versions, the Moog One comes with three VCOs and two independent analogue filters (a variable state filter and a Moog ladder filter) that can be run in series or parallel. On top of that there is a dual-source variable analogue noise generator, an analogue mixer with external audio input, four LFOs and three envelope generators.

In addition, the Moog One is tri-timbral, so you can effectively play three synths simultaneously. These can be split, layered or zoned across the keyboard, all within a single preset. Each of these synths can have its own parameter settings, note range, arpeggiator, sequencer and effects, so the sound design potential is massive. On the effects, you get plenty, which can be applied on the aforementioned per-synth basis or to the master bus. The likes of chorus, delay, phase, bit reduction and vocoding are supplemented by a range of Eventide reverbs. The effects are digital, but you can ensure an all-analogue signal path if you ‘true bypass’ them.

The Moog One is capable of storing tens of thousands of presets, all of which can be browsed from the central LCD panel. You can also assign presets to the front-panel Performance Sets for quick access, while a Snapshot button enables you to capture all current settings immediately. Presets can be shared via USB drive, too, so it is easy to take the sounds of one Moog One to another. In terms of control, you get 73 knobs and 144 buttons, while additional parameters can be accessed from the LCD centre panel. The synth has a handcrafted ash cabinet and an aluminium front panel, while the 61-note keybed comes from Fatar. An assignable pressure-sensitive X/Y pad provides further expressivity options.

The new Moog One will exceed your every expectation as it inspires your musical creativity and opens portals to a vast sonic universe.
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